Savings Goal
Feature Design

Hack-a-thon Feature Design & Prototype
Project Overview
Hack-a-thon focused on using Google's Web Services to develop a great product helping customers make progress towards their savings goals. Resulted in the design of a feature that has been shared with teams as idea for future implementation.
My Contributions
Designed the screens for the feature in Sketch in the 4-5 hour time constraint of the hack-a-thon. Presented the prototype to judges in InVision.

Mission Statement

Increase savings
for salient dreams


Increase savings for salient dreams

salient (adj.) having a quality that thrusts itself into attention


It is hard to save towards your goals

With everything else going on in life it is often hard to find the time to spend figuring out how to start saving towards your goals. Many people have variable income and spending that can make it hard to successfully manage and effectively contribute to savings.

User Persona

Meet Emily


AGE: 22
  • Working mother
  • One child
  • 2 jobs
  • Varying income of $300-$600 a week

Recurring transfers do not work as there is too much variability in income and and something new comes up each week that can make standard saving difficult.

Fear: Not being able to save enough to send her child to summer camp

Making Saving Easier

Our Solution

Savings "Nudge"

Real-time, automated, intelligent nudge when you receive money.

Dynamic and customizable amount to put away towards your goal, based on what's right for you.

Recurring payment & overdraft peace of mind.

Set a savings goal
When a deposit comes in give the customer a "nudge"
Dynamic savings contributions
Rewarding visual progress towards success
Customizable amounts

High FIdelity Prototype

The Result

Interact with the Invision prototype below to see the final prototype we presented to the judges.