Who am I?

I'm a digital product designer interested in coding prototypes, beautiful user experiences, and creating awesome products.

I work from a lifelong love for design + tech, and a resolute desire to help others.

My thoughts

It's the little things in life. It always surprises me how small details that people put the effort in to make can really make an experience exciting and delightful. The first example that comes to mind is the airplane pillows that Icelandic Air provides before a long flight. They could be just plain old plane pillows with awkward fabric and stuffing. But someone came up with the idea to print an Icelandic lullaby beautifully on the pillow. This seems so small, but to me this feels like a welcoming connection to the people who are working on the plane, to the country I am going to be stopping through - a nice lullaby before trying to doze off in the never comfortable middle seat on the plane. What I seek in life is to create products and experiences like this that engage users in unexpected and meaningful ways.

I have a determination to organize the processes in my life. I am definitely one to plan out a trip, down to creating a map and itinerary to make sure I don't miss anything. Even as a kid I would draw a map of the neighborhood and create an optimized route for trick or treating. I have always questioned how things work. How do they organize all the airplanes flying overhead? How does the restaurant know how much food to order? Do they use past data to determine it? What do they do with the waste? How was this building designed and constructed? I love to explore both the logistical and creative aspects that come with answering those questions.

When I identify an unorganized process, I take the opportunity to create a better solution if I have the ability to influence it. I did this with the organization of my college crew team's carpooling system. Starting with a quick simple excel sheet prototype, I created a solution to reduce the amount of mistakes and frustration that surrounded getting our 40+ person team to and from practice at the lake each day.

In the same form, I take initiative on a lot of the documentation work on my teams. I take pride in making sure information does not get lost in translation and work towards the goal of eliminating the risks of "tribal knowledge". As I gain experience and insight over time, I like to create resources for the current team as well as stakeholders and future team members.

I blend experience in UX design and software engineering in order to enhance and enrich digital solutions for meaningful and intuitive interactions. I enjoy working with other people and I thrive in an environment of collaboration.

My Career Journey

With over three years in the financial tech industry I have worked on agile teams creating and supporting many products. As part of a rotational program I experienced working with three highly visible and profitable customer facing applications and systems: credit card application processing and decisioning, a machine learning decisioning platform, and person to person payments.

Each experience gave me the ability to explore a number of technologies and work with integrated product and design teams. Participating in collaborative teams including Tech, Design, and Product has allowed me to understand the iterative life cycle of creating a sustainable product.

Breaking into Product Design:

From Software Engineering to UX

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My Life

In my free time I love being outdoors, hiking, biking, camping, occasionally (rarely) running when I decide to sign up for a half marathon. I love all forms of art, including photography, drawing, painting, crafts, and have recently dabbled in ceramics. Interior decorating is a secret passion of mine and I am always on the lookout for cool DIY house projects. I enjoy cooking and am an avid cooking show enthusiast. I love hosting people over for dinners and board game nights and I am always down for a game of Settlers of Catan.

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